1. In this song a married woman is complaining her new condition, saying how she misses her life in paternal family.
Performed by a group of women, Lukanga (Rep. Dem. del Congo, Nord Kivu) 1988.


1. Trailer di Kampala Babel
by Cecilia Pennacini

2 . Ekibulenge. L’arco musicale dei Bakonzo-Banande.
Sungu Katembo. Lukanga (Rep. Dem. du Congo, Nord Kivu) 1986.
3 . Akaghoboghobo. A string fiddle of Banande. A similar instrument is called endingidi in Uganda.
Kambale Musavuli. Mutanga (Democratic Republic of Congo, Nord Kivu) 1988.
4 . Enanga. Bow harp. Nande musicians use this instrument while singing stories and proverbs.
Kyaviro Makoti. Bukondi (Rep. Dem. du Congo, Nord Kivu) 1986.
5 . Akasay. Lamellophone accompanied by an enzeve (a log beaten with two sticks). Akasay is typical among the Banande and it is a variant of elikembe, a lamellophone that can be found in the whole Great Lakes region.
Katoka. Kirungu (Rep. Dem. du Congo, Nord Kivu) 1986.


6 . Eluma ensemble. A group of dancers, with ankle bells and three drums, play one-note flutes in hocket style.
Kisamba Cultural Group. Kisamba (Uganda, Kasese District) 2006.


7 .Enyamulere. This kind of flute, with four holes, is made with the giant bamboo of Rwenzori. In this case it is played together with drums.
Baluku Desesi with Rubuni Cultural Group. Nyakalengejo (Uganda, Kasese District) 2006.


8 . Endara. Log xylophone, very popular between both Banande and Bakonzo. It is always played with three drums.
Recorded during a New-Moon festival. Kihasa (Uganda, near Bwera, Kasese District) 2005.


9 . Song for kubandwa ritual. The medium is shaking a sacred rattle calling the spirit.
Kakuku Paolo Mombeki, embandwa. Kitaya (Tanzania, near Bukoba) 1995.

10 . Wedding song from Buhaya. Performed when bride is going to her husband’s house.
Demetria Pascali and a group of women. Buoki (Tamzania, near Bukoba) 1995.



11 . Akazehe. Greetings sung by two women.
Mbonirena Domine, Nkwirikiye Brigitte. Rutana (Burundi) 1993.


12 . Amazina. A form of poetry used in the past by the princes-warriors. In this case the singer is praising the power of lightening.
Kabingiye Liboire. Rutana (Burundi) l993.

13 . Inanga. Whispered song in the style of inanga zither players. It is part of a repertory of songs dedicated to cattle thieves.
Mugani. Mwaro (Burundi) 1993.

14 .Ingoma. A group of young batimbo plays the ensemble of drums during a training session.
Rutana (Burundi) 1993.