General Presentation

The Italian Ethnological Mission in Equatorial Africa is a research group established in 1979 by Prof. Francesco Remotti under the patronage of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Mission is now lead, since 2004, by Dr Cecilia Pennacini.
It began its activities in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), then widen them successively to Burundi and Cameroon.
Since 2004, when the Italian Ethnological Mission in Sub-Saharian Africa was established, the Italian Ethnological Mission in Equatorial Africa has focused its work on the African Great Lakes Region. The Mission carries out anthropological, ethnohistorical and ethnomusicological researches, in the Kivu region (Democratic Republic of Congo), on the Ugandese versant of Rwenzori mountain and in Kampala area, in a constant and close cooperation with local institutions (Makerere University of Kampala, Centre Universitaire de Rwenzori of Butembo, Université Catholique du Graben of Butembo) as well as international ones (Università Italo-Francese–Galileo Project, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Corus project), and with the support and sponsor of the Italian Embassy in Uganda.
During the years, many researchers, PhD, and students from Turin University, Roma University (La Sapienza – Tor Vergata), Bologna University and Makerere University have had the opportunity to carry out researches. This cooperation has developed into a common research framework.